Our Founder

Mr Anil Kumar Dubey [A Socialist,Secretary of Samaj Jagriti Sansthan, Member of Medical Association (Sultanpur)] , the founder of the Shambhunath Dubey Convent School, under whose patronage this school was established, was consumed by an indefatigable zeal for the education of the poor and the marginalized especially the rural girls. He longed for the total emancipation of Indian women and was convinced that it could not be achieved without education. His spirit of services was supported by a strong scaffolding of prayer and faith in God. He was a man of vision, down to earth and compassionate. His penetrating vision enabled him to look far ahead and directed his works to fulfill the future needs. His charisma can be summarized in one phrase “service born out of love.”

Mr Dubey was born on 20 July 1965 to Late Mrs Prema Devi and Late Mr Shambhu nath Dubey at Dewari, Lambhua, Sultanpur, then residing at Sultanpur. Having completed his academic training in Sultanpur & Kanpur, he is ordained Secretary of Samaj Jagriti Sansthan on 4 March 1992.

A man with deep educational experience, far sighted vision and deep intellectual insight and obsessed with the idea of sharing Social reform especially with the poor, he read the signs of the times and founded the Congregation of the Shambu Nath Convent School in the year 2014 at Lambhua, Sultanpur to provide an opportunity to those who desirous of answering the call society and to cater to the pastoral care of the people and educational needs of rural children, especially girls.

He is a man of our society, known to be a compassionate pastor, an eloquent speaker and powerful thinker, an efficient administrator, an eminent educationist and a writer. He dared to tread the unbeaten paths, where others dared not, while taking up new initiatives.